Iceland in Winter – Our brand new photo gallery

Icebergs at Jokulsarlon Glacier Lagoon in IcelandInspired by all those magnificent aurora images from the current Solar Max, we could not resist doing something completely different this year. We decided to stop halfway across the Atlantic Ocean and to spend 10 days in Iceland.
In March it is still all about ice and snow out there, so we enjoyed a lot of icy waterfalls and went on an ice cave tour. We also had a great time shooting the famous Jökulsarlon glacier lagoon and the fantastic iceberg beach nearby; probably one of my favorite spots on this island, while Steffen fell totally in love with the colorful geothermal areas on the Reykjanes peninsula.

Northern lights at Lake Myvatn in northeastern IcelandWe surely missed the rich green plains and mountain slopes that Iceland is famous for. Until June the prevailing colors are icy white, black, pale brown and grey. But still there was a lot of green, truly breathtaking green: the northern lights at night! We were (very!) lucky to see them several times during our first time visit. There was only just a short light show at the funny sea arch Hvitserkur, but at the Lake Myvatn area it didn’t stop after a couple of minutes. The northern lights danced and swirled all night long and it felt so mystic while being surrounded by steaming, moonlit fumaroles at the foothills of Namasfjall. Can’t tell you how excited we were! And we couldn’t hardly catch some sleep each time there was a cloudless night and an excellent aurora forecast. And so it comes that after spending 10 days in (N)Iceland, we really felt in desperate need of a(nother) vacation…! :)

Our brand new Iceland Photo Gallery, containing more than 90 images.
Hope you enjoy! Isa & Steffen