2013: Our favorite images of the year

Puffin in IcelandAnother crazy year has gone by and so much happened again during the last 12 months! We visited Iceland for the very first time in 2013 and we spent several weeks there: 10 days in March for some ice caves, icy waterfalls and northern lights, 3 weeks in June/July for the highlands and remote geothermal areas and another 2 weeks again in September for the fall colors, a Cessna flight and again for northern lights (but unfortunately the weather then was not nearly as cooperative as in March). While selecting our favorite images, we were looking back full of nostalgia and at the same time full of anticipation – looking forward to the next trips! It was not love at first sight, rather a slow growing passion, but definitely one that might last for quite a while now… ;)
And after these introductionary words you’ll probably not be very surprised that almost all of our favorite images come from this country. And also rather needless to say, that considering the amount of images from both of us, it was not easy for Steffen and me to select only just a very few and agree on the choices… :)

Our favorite images of 2013 in no particular order:
(please click thumbnail for enlargement and short description)

Hope you enjoy taking a look at them and make sure you click on every image since there is a short story that comes along with all of them. You might also check out our “Best of Iceland” gallery and if you are interested in more details about the locations we visited, please stay tuned since there are a lot of descriptions coming up (also in English!). And some new images from the US Southwest from winter 2013/2014 as well. Isa will also announce the newest publications on Facebook, so please feel free to follow/friend her there!

Thanks a lot for looking!
Seasons Greetings and HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you!

Isa & Steffen